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And an alternate outfit.
For example, the US Army's 92nd Infantry Division or the Commonwealth's 12th Frontier Regiment.Uniforms (Jill's outfit has green accents instead of blue ones, green pants, and her shirt is now a bright blue crop top, while Chris' is very similar to Wesker's outfit).Where are your pants?" slotenmaker leiden (the suit does have pants, but they're extremely short short-shorts).Eastern RPG In the EXA_pico games, clearing levels of a Reyvateil's Cosmosphere will give her new clothes.In Grand Theft Auto IV, if you kill Playboy X, you get his rooftop studio pad.Finishing Gungrave : Overdose with all three protagonists will allow you to turn on the option for "Alternate Character".Amusingly, Desmond also takes the place of Ezio in cutscenes if you use his outfit.Once the game starts, though, the player has the option to either have new equipment appear on their character, or to retain their carefully crafted look.Western Animation Ben 10: Omniverse has Ben have to recreate the entire universe.Getting them, however, varies between ridiculously easy to quite difficult.Examples involve Cod Of War (fish suit Chef Of War (self-explanatory Bubbles (surfer Tycoonus (businessman Dairy Bastard ( cow suit ) and a version of the outfit worn by the first game's Big Bad.Jack : At least she left my shorts first and not my goggles or my jacket or something.This way, you still get the better stats, but keep the cool look!Since everyone has equal weapons and gear, with your stat customization coming from a free amulet, these rewards are entirely aesthetic.The Pajamas allow you to switch between day night.
In one page of Tellurion we see the Guy carrying pots of water for an old lady who has quite the shawl made of blue knitted yarn.

This actually becomes an important (in-game) plot point during a later, high-level raid.This is re-done in the next two games.To make things more interesting, the US and Japanese versions of the game have different outfits from each other.Games from Halo: Reach onward expand the customizable armor system significantly, and let you use your custom character in multiplayer, Reach 's campaign, and Spartan Ops.Outfits from the Lost in Nightmares scenario loteria nacional dia 21 de abril del 2018 from Resident Evil 5 ; but unlike the other costumes, the.S.A.A.Beating the game twice nets you Jill's default outfit from Nemesis and Chris' outfit from Code: Veronica.In a later update to Knight, Harley Quinn and the Red Hood/Arkham Knight get in on it as well.And they still cost money.A jacket you only wear for 20 minutes tops since you're shirtless for the vast majority of the game though.
The wetsuit is arguably Fanservice.
Puzzle Game In Criminal Case, once you complete the primary investigation in a case, there are three optional additional investigations.