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DayOfWeek Calendar days of the administración lotería cisneros 27 santander week Monday Tuesday Friday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday Yes Public beta _city Provides recognition for over 5,000 German and world cities commonly used by speakers in Germany and Austria.
January March February April May June July August September October November December Yes Public beta vie Titles of movies.Note that the date your service receives in the slot can vary depending on the specific phrase uttered by the user: Utterances that map to a specific date (such as "today "now or "november twenty-fifth convert to a complete date.Looking for Alibrandi The Magic Pudding The Fatal Shore: The Epic of Australia's Founding Tomorrow, When the War Began Where the Wild Things Are Cloudstreet Seven Little Australians True History of the Kelly Gang The Book Thief The Dressmaker Obernewtyn Monkey Grip The Great Gatsby.For example, "evening" returns the value.Avatar Fack ju Göhte Die Eiskönigin - Völlig unverfroren Es Star Wars - Complete Saga The Revenant online casino slot machine - Der Rückkehrer Spectre Minions Titanic Jurassic World Marvel's The Avengers Harry Potter Die Verurteilten Das Schweigen der Lämmer Léon - Der Profi Fight Club Der Hobbit Eine.China India United States Australia New Zealand Indonesia Great Britian Mexico Brazil Canada Yes Public beta eativeWorkType Words for different types of creative works, such as song or show.The name sent to your service matches the value spoken by the user.Freistaat bayern rheinland pfalz Yes Available rope_city Provides recognition for over 5,000 European and world cities.
Four star top top five five star highly rated popular best top ten Yes Public beta rline Names of a variety of airlines.

This slot type recognizes both formal names and nicknames.International number with leading plus sign 11-digit number with leading plus sign.Castellano Español Inglés Portugués Italiano Árabe Náhuatl Maya Yucateco Mixteco Alemán Yes Public beta nth Names of calendar months.Cuisine Salon chambre à coucher Salle à manger entrée Salle de bains salle de séjour Bureau Grenier Garage Yes Public beta amazon.Vietnam war memorial holy trinity church lds temple square madison square nevada state capitol building Yes Public beta nguage Natural languages such as Spanish, Tamil, Hindi, and English.1990 fifa world cup senior women race men's.No Maintenance, no Cracks, no Erosion, no Joints to Caulk.Birmanie Myanmar Koweït El Salvador Yes Public beta eativeWorkType Words for different types of creative works, such as song or show.
Oxnard resultado sorteo lotería nacional 15 de julio 2017 california grangeville idaho missoula boulder hurricane west virginia mason city gulfport mississippi portsmouth new hampshire Yes Public beta gregateRating Words describing the overall rating for an item.

Toronto Montreal Calgary Ottawa London Yes Public beta lor Names of colors.
Learn more about using the built-in intent library: Learn more about building your voice interface: The built-in intent library incorporates material from Schema.
The gdpr says that the information you provide to people about how you process their personal data must be: concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible; written in clear and plain language.